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A second snowfall!

posted Dec 24, 2014, 12:57 AM by Anthony Crowther
5th January 2010; the second major snowfall of this winter, and causing a lot of disruption in the village this time. With the local schools closed, the A3(M) closed and the village all but inaccessible for a while, this is certainly not the "snow flurries" predicted in the weather forecasts. Indeed the BBC weather feed on the website front page was, on Tuesday afternoon, still predicting no snow till Wednesday.
When the snow came came, it came quickly: it settled within 30 minutes. This is possibly why so many people were caught out. A lot of effort today has gone into re-opening roads and retrieving abandoned cars and buses. A big thank you goes to all those who have been involved in the clear-up.

There are now a lot of snowmen around the village. Many have been made in pairs or family groups - such is the amount of snow available. (In our case it was because the head was too big and became a second body!). Following a poll on this website, the two snowmen at the pond have been named "Frosty and Icicle".
There are photos of snow scenes from around the village in an album.