Local Government

Many aspects of village life are administered through local and regional government. This section provides some links to help you contact the correct organisation.
As a rough guide: 
Hampshire County Council is responsible for:
County Farms
Highways and transportation - includes constructing new county roads, public transport infrastructure
Leisure and amenities - includes libraries, archaeology, grants to village halls and community projects, museums, open spaces
Planning - includes structure plans, environment and conservation, economic development
Public protection - includes trading standards, registration of births, deaths, marriages, refuse disposal, some markets
Social care (previously Social Services) 
East Hampshire District Council is responsible for:
Highways and transportation - street cleaning and street lighting
Leisure and amenities - allotments, museums, open spaces,
Planning - local plans, development control, local land charges, environment and conservation, economic development
Public protection - refuse collection, food safety, markets, control of pollution
Council tax - collection of own tax, plus precepts for county and parishes  
Clanfield Parish Council is responsible for:
Village halls
Community centres
War memorials
Street lighting
Car parks
Organise community buses
Install CCTV cameras to prevent crime