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Planning is the responsibility of East Hants District Council. Their website is the place to go for authoritative information about specific planning issues.
The Parish Council is consulted on planning applications, and a planning committee meets regularly.
In this section, information on significant local planning issues may be added.

Green Lane traffic Survey

posted Dec 24, 2014, 8:06 AM by Anthony Crowther

The Parish Council have received the Traffic Audit commissioned from Dr Allan Burns and his comments on the December 2009 TA (Transport Assessment ).
It should be noted that the TA included 300 rather than the current 275 homes and Care Home now deleted. This Audit has enabled the Parish Council to understand some areas of the TA which it feels were not conducted or presented in a meaningful way. With reference to this Audit Report we make the following initial observations.
In general the data gathered during the period 20th November to 26th November 2010 agrees broadly with the data gathered in June 2009, for the December 2009 TA.  The variations noticed are relatively small and could possibly be accounted for by the difference in traffic flows between Summer and Winter, either way they are not considered to be significant.
 See 2010 Traffic Data recorded   
We do have reservations however concerning the models used for processing the gathered data and the conclusions reached as a result.
 In asking for guidance on the software used we were advised:-
The correct approach to using TRICS is to go through the available data and select sites that are broadly comparable to the one being considered. 
Clearly, this is a matter of judgement and there will never be two sites that have identical characteristics. 

In this case Odyssey have used 4 sites.  None of these are in London.  The sites are in the following locations:- 

1.  Eastbourne  (270 dwellings) 
2.  Welwyn Garden City  (158 dwellings) 
3.  Preston  (217 dwellings) 
4.  Worcester  (126 dwellings) 

The criteria used to select the sites include the range of the number of dwellings, location (3 sites were defined as "edge of town" and 1 suburban), 
population within specified distances and car ownership levels.
Clanfield Parish Council contend that none of these sites are comparable to a semi-rural village like Clanfield as can be seen in the following table.
The comparison with medium to large towns is totally inappropriate and could possibly be due to Clanfield only being treated in post codes as part of Waterlooville, which anyone living in the area, including representatives of EHDC know is not the case.
 Location  Additional Development  Population  Housing Stock  Increase  Mainline Station/Pkg/Bus Links
 Eastbourne  270  106,562  35,520  0.8%  ML/331/G
 Welwyn GC  158  43,252  14,417  1.0%  ML/0/G
 Preston  217  131,900  43,966  0.5%  ML/939/G
 Worcester  126  94,000  31,333  0.4%  ML/0/G
 Clanfield  275  c5,000  1,900  15%  0/0/VP

The population and transport data has been obtained from a number of web based sites such as National Rail, Wikipedia and parish records. The housing number is an estimate based on 3 persons per property, so as not to skew the results in our favour.
From the above it can be seen that the “comparable” selected sites have a substantial infrastructure to support their proposed development and yet were being asked to support a very much smaller expansion.
All of the chosen sites have their own rail station, two with substantial parking  and good bus services, whereas Clanfield is 6 miles from Petersfield and has an inadequate (and in some cases non-existent) bus service. Having bus stops is one thing, having reliable and regular buses is quite another.
The comparison sites have a much better existing road network than Clanfield which is being expected to accommodate any increase in traffic via existing country lanes.
It is also noticed that the proposed development in Clanfield is larger in real terms and as a percentage is 15 times higher than that of the highest comparable site.
Local residents are aware that there is little employment within the village and residents in the proposed development will be required to provide and use their own transport, which can hardly allow the development to be described as sustainable.
It would appear from the above draft comments that the 2009 Transport Assessment fails to address some effects of the proposed development. Further investigation is taking place and will be commented on in due course.

Green Lane Meeting

posted Dec 24, 2014, 7:53 AM by Anthony Crowther

Meeting to be held on proposed development on Green Lane, Clanfield

A meeting is to be held between representatives of the Clanfield Petition Group, Clanfield Parish Council and East Hampshire District Council to receive a petition and discuss the proposed development at Green Lane.

The meeting, to be chaired by EHDC Leader Cllr Patrick Burridge, will be held on 19 January 2011, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, in the Council Chamber at Penns Place, Petersfield.

Both the parish council and petition group will be invited to put forward three attendees each to represent their respective views.
Representatives from Hampshire County Council’s Highways Department and the applicant’s agent will also be taking part.
The parish council will have the opportunity to update the meeting on its recently conducted traffic audit of the area and the petition group will present its petition, containing more than 2,000 names, and their report.
The meeting will take the form of opening statements followed by a discussion and will be open to members of the public who will be able to observe, but not to speak. No decision will be made on the planning application at the meeting.
A date has not yet been set for the application to go before EHDC's Planning Committee South although members of the committee will be invited to attend this meeting as observers.
CONTACT: Chris Murray, Head of Planning Services, 01730 234231

Green Lane - Parish Council Questions

posted Dec 24, 2014, 7:52 AM by Anthony Crowther

The impression gained by the Parish Council is that many if not all of the main areas of concern have already been covered by comments made at the two public exhibitions and the EHDC Forum meeting.
The time permitted for careful study has been very limited, however in order to help we offer the following comments which in all probability will replicate those that have been made already.

Transport is a main concern to almost all villagers:-
  • The two means of vehicular site access is via existing narrow lanes with limited visibility that already create problems for large                vehicles – and pedestrians.
  • The perceived absence of “footpaths” (and therefore safety) in the shared roads could cause concern to pedestrians and users of            wheelchairs.
  • Green Lane is narrow and in places has inadequate or non-existent footpaths, particularly between the site entrance and Chalton            Lane. Since these will be used by young and old, as well as schoolchildren, careful actions will need to be considered.
  • The village is already poorly served by public transport and the new development will only exacerbate an existing problem.
Integration between new and old:-
  • The lack of separation between new and existing properties has been raised frequently, particularly in the region of Duncton Road and Storrington Avenue. It is reassuring to understand that actions have/are being taken to redress these concerns
  • The external finish has been questioned particularly to ensure that the appearance is in sympathy with the rest of the village.
  • Most comments request the addition of more trees/hedges to provide softening and additional screening to the landscape.
Community Safety:-
  •  Concerns have been raised about public safety by the use of narrow and possibly concealed footpaths between the various section

Green Lane - Developers' Response

posted Dec 24, 2014, 7:47 AM by Anthony Crowther

We note your comments and concerns. Our transport Consultant, Richard Parker is already in discussions with Hampshire County Highways regarding the footpath at the top end of Green Lane where it connects on to Chalton Lane, which is all in Highways ownership, to see what can be agreed with Hampshire.
He is also talking to them with regards to Public transport to see if some of the contributions coming out of this site can be earmarked for improving Public transport to both the North and South of Clanfield.
The areas of road and pavement marked as blocked paving on the plans, while the kerb will be lower, there will still be a clear delineation between road and walk way.
All external finishes will have to be approved by EHDC, however, we are ensuring our elevations reflect characteristics found through the village including, neutral render, tile hanging, red brick and flint
Our Landscape Architects are working on the Landscaping strategy and are responding to individual requests from neighbors to the proposed development for particular screening requirements as well as ensuring the overall scheme is as green and appropriate as possible.
Community Safety
On all developments we have a conflict between Planners desire for permeability between old and new schemes and Secure by Design requirements of the police. All footpaths are being designed to have natural surveillance and where footpaths are connecting on to existing cul-de-sacs, street furniture will be put in place to ensure that cyclists and pedestrians have to slow down before existing in to the cul-de-sacs.

Green Lane Community Facilities Update

posted Dec 24, 2014, 5:47 AM by Anthony Crowther

Following on from the article which was posted on this website on 10th February regarding the Green Lane Community Facilities the Reserved Matters application has now been received and filed with EHDC - Reference 28889/036 - this follows on from the Outline Permission granted in November 2011 and is now a detailed application.

Although the application is incomplete as far as the Parish is concerned, the Parish Council will be holding an exhibition to show villagers what is being proposed on the site, the provisional date for which is Saturday 5th April 
A leaflet drop will be made to every household in the village with more details in due course.

Housing Development Exhibition

posted Dec 24, 2014, 5:46 AM by Anthony Crowther

Clanfield Parish Council have received notification - on Monday 24th March - of a public exhibition being held at Petersgate School by Barratts and David Wilson Homes on Monday 31st March  to introduce proposals for residential development at land at Down Farm, Green Lane, Clanfield the Council understand that leaflets will be delivered to local residents living close to this site (SHLAA site CL001-5).

Down Farm Site Meeting

posted Dec 24, 2014, 5:45 AM by Anthony Crowther


Proposal: 207 dwellings and provision of open space, sports pitches, bowling green, pavilion and allotments, with associated access, parking, access roads, footpaths/cycle paths, landscaping and works, with demolition of existing buildings and structures (as amended by plans received 30 September 2014) 

Site Address: Land South of, Chalton Lane, Clanfield, Waterlooville

I am writing to let you know that before considering this planning application, the Planning Committee has decided to visit the site. This will be on 14 November 2014 at approximately 11:45. This is not a public meeting to discuss the planning application or to listen to arguments for or against the development. There will be no debate about the application and NO decision will be made at the meeting. The sole purpose of the site visit is for Councillors to familiarise themselves with the site’s physical characteristics and surroundings.


posted Dec 24, 2014, 5:43 AM by Anthony Crowther   [ updated Dec 24, 2014, 5:44 AM ]

Clanfield Parish Council have been approached with regards to possible road names for this development
If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions please could you forward them to clanfieldpc@virginmedia.com by Monday 5th January, 2015

Taking a break

posted Dec 24, 2014, 4:39 AM by Anthony Crowther

Clanfield residents can now take a break from shopping with the provision of a new wooden bench installed by Clanfield Parish Council, supported by a £250 donation from The Southern Co-operative.

Having received a number of requests from local residents for outdoor seating to provide a place to rest, Clanfield Parish Council has installed
a solid oak bench close to local shops in White Dirt Lane. As the bench is positioned on land owned by The Southern Co-operative, which has a store close by, Clanfield Parish Council approached them to gain their support.

Margaret White, Chairman of Clanfield Parish Council said: “It was agreed by the Parish Council to provide a seat for the community and once an acceptable site was found and funding agreed, the installation proceeded. It was greatly appreciated that The Southern Co-operative agreed to donate funds towards the oak seat, which it is hoped will be  used by the community for many years.” Glenn Waters, Facilities Manager for The Southern Co-operative explained: “We were pleased to enable the installation of this attractive wooden bench and help towards the cost of this. As a co-operative, we value the well-being of our local community so supporting projects like this is very important to us.” The Southern Co-operative donated £250 towards the £900 total cost of providing the bench.

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