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Green Lane - Parish Council Questions

posted Dec 24, 2014, 7:52 AM by Anthony Crowther
The impression gained by the Parish Council is that many if not all of the main areas of concern have already been covered by comments made at the two public exhibitions and the EHDC Forum meeting.
The time permitted for careful study has been very limited, however in order to help we offer the following comments which in all probability will replicate those that have been made already.

Transport is a main concern to almost all villagers:-
  • The two means of vehicular site access is via existing narrow lanes with limited visibility that already create problems for large                vehicles – and pedestrians.
  • The perceived absence of “footpaths” (and therefore safety) in the shared roads could cause concern to pedestrians and users of            wheelchairs.
  • Green Lane is narrow and in places has inadequate or non-existent footpaths, particularly between the site entrance and Chalton            Lane. Since these will be used by young and old, as well as schoolchildren, careful actions will need to be considered.
  • The village is already poorly served by public transport and the new development will only exacerbate an existing problem.
Integration between new and old:-
  • The lack of separation between new and existing properties has been raised frequently, particularly in the region of Duncton Road and Storrington Avenue. It is reassuring to understand that actions have/are being taken to redress these concerns
  • The external finish has been questioned particularly to ensure that the appearance is in sympathy with the rest of the village.
  • Most comments request the addition of more trees/hedges to provide softening and additional screening to the landscape.
Community Safety:-
  •  Concerns have been raised about public safety by the use of narrow and possibly concealed footpaths between the various section