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Bus Service Review

Hampshire County Council is undertaking a county wide review of subsidised bus and community transport services together with a review of the discretionary elements of the Hampshire Concessionary Travel Scheme.  A contribution of £1.25-£1.5 million  needs to be identified from the Council's support of Passenger Transport services towards overall savings that need to be made at the County.

A number of options are being considered as part of the review:
     Reducing or ceasing support for Sunday services
     Reducing or ceasing support for evening services after 7pm
     Ceasing the 9am early start for the older persons bus pass
     Reducing the frequency and/or days of service
     Replacing bus services with taxishares or community transport services
     Reducing the amount of printed publicity with a greater use of electronic information
A consultation period on this will run from 6th March until 31st May 2014.  I attach to this email the forms to use to submit a response either from an individual or organisation, along with the list of services supported by Hampshire County Council in this District.  The proposals listed above will not affect Community Transport services that operate in the District so only bus services are listed at this stage.
The forms and further information can also be found at
The review will also be discussed at the next East Hampshire Passenger Transport Forum taking place on Wednesday 23rd April 2014 at 10am in the Council Chamber, Penns Place.